We are different than other association management companies or service organizations.

How are we different?  Here are a eight reasons:

We are more than just management

We are not just bookkeepers and paper pushers.  We invest in your organization and become part of it.  We immerse ourselves in the industry or charity that you support and become the top-down leaders that you need.  When we answer the phone, we answer with your name.  When we e-mail, we e-mail with an address of your domain.  When we run a conference, we facilitate and add to discussion because we have studied what you do and have a personal connection.  When you work with Horizon, you work with an organization that becomes part of your family.

We are personal

Your clients are not numbers, and honestly they are not even clients.  They are part of what we do.  We take pride in growing an organization and making it better than we found it.  We want every single member to be happy with our leadership and support and will not rest until this is the case.  If that means that we spend longer and work harder than we originally planned, so be it.  This business is personal for us, and we know that it is personal for you too.

We are professional

All of our staff are educated, well-trained professionals with experience in what we do. We are energetic and adaptable to each unique situation, yet we have a fantastic process for working with each of our organizations and balancing the large workload that we have.  Everything we do is planned and controlled and every second of our day is dedicated to working for our clients.  Essentially, we know what we’re doing!

We are friendly

Everyone on our Horizon team are genuinely friendly people.  We love others and we care about the world around us.  This is the core attitude and expectation of our company, so you can rest assured that your members and supporters will receive the most friendly support that you will find.

We are resourceful

Because we run so many organizations, we have numerous contacts and resources in a variety of professional fields.  We know people, and we know people who know people. Further, we are able to combine mutual interests to further strengthen organizations. This may involve organization joint conferences or even growing sponsorship by negotiating increased sponsor contracts between multiple organizations.  We call this leverage the “multiplier effect,” and it works!

We are honest

We are not going to tell you that we can accomplish a goal that is unattainable.  We can do great things for our organizations, but even we have limits.  We believe in being open and transparent with everyone with which we work, and we expect the same from you. If something is not going right, we will tell you.  This is not only the right thing to do, but it will help us work through a problem and find a quicker, better solution.

We are philanthropic

We like to think of ourselves as social entrepreneurs.  A portion of all of the money that our company makes is contributed to charities that support people and communities both locally, domestically, and internationally.  We invest in you so that we can invest in others.  Learn more about our philanthropic efforts.

We are better

Plain and simple, we are good at what we do.  Most association management companies do this as a side business.

This IS what we do.  We are trained and seasoned to handle top down management with excellence.  We are not perfect, but we work hard to strive for perfection in what we do. We are always working to do our work better, faster, and more efficiently so that we have even more time to dedicate to you.