Our services are priced on a contractual basis and are customized specific to your needs.  The majority of our clients are small organizations with no full-time staff, small budgets, and varying needs.  Each contract that we have with organizations is designed to your specific needs.

We seek to provide the most cost efficient solutions to you so that you can fully realize your potential.  All of our contracts are designed to provide you with exceptional quality at a low price.

What Can I Expect to Spend?

The national average for one executive director’s salary for the smallest of associations is $102,316 as of 2022.  This does not include benefits, and it certainly does not include other staff as needed.

With Horizon, you can expect to spend much, much less!

Although each organization is unique and we have flexibility in what we charge based on your specific needs.  Because of the specific nature of each association and the quantity and scope of services needed, we do not publish our rate of fees publicly.  However, we will be happy to give you a full estimate once we are able to fully understand your association management needs.

What Terms Do You Use With Contracts?

Nearly all of our association management contracts are annualized for monthly payments. Short-term contracts will be due when services are rendered.  However, we realized that each situation is unique and we take pride in working with organizations to best fit their needs.

How to Get a Quote

Send us a description of your needs by clicking here.  Please be as descriptive as possible.

We will follow-up to clarify your request and obtain additional information (as needed). Next, we will supply you with a detailed quote that details time and resources that will be provided to accomplish the task.  This process is used for both short-term needs as well as annual association management contracts.  We will respond to your request within 24 hours.