Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly, MS, is a Mississippi native and founder/CEO of Horizon Professional Services, LLC.  He also is the owner of Kelly Properties and Kelly Science and Innovations.  Kelly previously served as Chief Advancement Office for William Carey University and Director of External Relations for The University of Southern Mississippi College of Health.

Kelly earned a bachelor’s of science with honors from The University of Southern Mississippi in 2005 and a master’s of science with honors from Mississippi College in 2007. He is a graduate of the Area Development Partnership’s Leadership Pinebelt, received the Mississippi Top 50 under 40 award in 2016, and received the Mississippi’s Top Entrepreneur award in 2019. In addition to professional activities, Kelly also serves as a deacon at Temple Baptist Church, member of The Gideon’s International, board member for Pi Kappa Phi Alumni Association, president-elect for the Pine Belt Rotary Club, board member for the National Rural Health Association, and many others. His areas of professional interest and expertise include healthcare, education, business, technology, economic development, and politics.

Jonathan Spradley

Jonathan Spradley serves as the Director of Events and Education for Horizon Professional Services, LLC.  In this role, Jonathan manages all conferences, workshops and webinars that Horizon produces for its clients over the year.  In addition, he serves as the director of the Diabetes Coalition of Mississippi.

Jonathan is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys soccer.  He is married to his wife Ali, and they have a beautiful baby boy together.

Madison Moore

Madison Moore is the Communications Coordinator at Horizon Professional Services, LLC, where she serves 15 different professional organizations with strategic communications, creating content through formats such as email solicitations, newsletters, grants, radio advertisements, and correspondence letters.

Madison previous served Horizon as the Director of Events, Marketing and Communications.  Her prior experience involves various leadership roles at the University of Southern Mississippi, where she graduated with honors and obtained a degree in English and Communications Studies. Madison served as President of the English Honor Society, a Cultural Ambassador, Study Abroad Peer Advisor, and member of the Communication Studies Honor Society.  In her spare time, Madison enjoys spending time with her Hattiesburg community, traveling with her husband, being outdoors, reading a good book, and trying to budget for more leisure time in coffee shops.

Lauren Byrd

Lauren Byrd is the Manager of Marketing and Communications at Horizon Professional Services, LLC, in which she helps to coordinate events, manages all social media, leads all marketing efforts, designs unique and attractive graphics, constructs websites, and manages other communications roles. She is continuously watching trends and implementing strategies to better the social media reach for the intended audience. Lauren has an educational background in marketing and psychology from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and the University of Southern Mississippi.

Lauren has years of both sales and social media management experience, and has always enjoyed leadership roles. She is a freelance photographer. When she’s not spending time with family, Lauren really enjoys writing and producing music, acrylic painting, and dancing.

Jocelyne Sims

Jocelyne Sims is a Grant Contractor for Horizon Professional Services, LLC and one of its clients, the Mississippi Rural Health Association.

Jocelyne is a graduate of both Pearl River Community College and The University of Southern Mississippi. She has a background in sales and enjoys meeting new people and building long-lasting relationships. She thrives in spaces where creativity and communication intertwine. She’s a particular, yet fun professional who values preparedness and team cohesion. In her free time, Jocelyne’s most likely jamming to live music, writing, eating delicious foods, hanging out with family, or admiring a sunset.

Lorrie Davis

Lorrie Davis is a Grant Contractor for Horizon Professional Services, LLC and one of its clients, the Mississippi Rural Health Association.

Lorrie is a seasoned professional with business acumen and proven ability to advance organizational objectives through educating, advocacy, influencing skills, training, and strategic partnerships.

She is an expert in building and maintain stakeholder groups, collaborating with key volunteers and stakeholders to establish sustainable policy system change, and coordinating meetings, fund-raising events and conferences to educate and promote specific issues.

Lorrie also has experience researching, writing and administering effective grant proposals and lobbying for legislation and policy efforts.  Her mix of advanced technical skills and beaming personality allow her to well represent both Horizon and its many clients in a variety of settings.

Mary Kelly

Mary Kelly is the Manager of Homeowner’s Associations for Horizon Professional Services, LLC. In this role, she provides the overall management and support for all of Horizon’s homeowners’ association clients.  She provides direct office support for several associations, and oversees work for others.

Mary has a variety of interpersonal professional experiences, including management in retail, interior design, and professional office settings.  Her friendly personality mixed with significant management experience allows her to empathize with members of associations and care for their needs. 

During her time with Horizon, each homeowners’ association client has experience financial growth, streamlined cost and project management, improved communications, and an overall pleased membership base.  She ensures that all members of the associations are extremely pleased with the benefits that we provide.

Grace Wilkes

Grace Wilkes serves as the Grant Contractor for Horizon Professional Services, LLC and one of its clients, the Mississippi Rural Health Association.  

In addition to her position at Horizon, Grace is pursuing a career in dentistry.  She previously held positions as the Vice President of Finance for her sorority, Delta Gamma, where she managed the organization and member’s finances while also creating and maintaining budgets.  

With her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her best dog Eunice, smiling with her family and friends, reading a good book, and playing the ukulele.

Emilie Hatch

Emilie Hatch is a Grant Contractor for Horizon Professional Services, LLC and one of its clients, the Mississippi Rural Health Association.

Emilie has a passion for people and enjoys working with children in the foster care system in order to better their lives. She is an active member at Temple Baptist Church.

James Randolph

James M. Randolph serves as a Grant Contractor with Horizon Professional Services, LLC and one of its clients, the Mississippi Rural Health Association. James also serves as the president of Carolina Consulting Solutions, Inc.

An Information Technology Professional with thirty-five years of experience in developing and implementing Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Risk Management, and Business Information Technology strategies to achieve stated goals. Strong analytical and communication skills used to implement cost-effective business solutions across industries. Project leadership experience spanning diverse industries especially Healthcare & Banking; noted for the ability to deliver projects according to client specifications, on time, and within budgetary constraints.

Katherine Boone

Katherine Boone serves as the Bookkeeper for Horizon Professional Services, LLC. Katherine also owns her own financial management company, B Bookkeeper. Katherine codes all financial transactions for Horizon’s clients into bookkeeping software and provides monthly reports for a clear and transparent financial review of each clients’ boards. She has a keen attention to detail and ensures that all records are kept with the highest of integrity and transparency.

Katherine is married to Chris Boone and they enjoy life with two young children and going to Southern Miss football and baseball games in their spare time.

Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly serves as the Special Projects Coordinator for Horizon Professional Services, LLC.  In this role, he assists in a variety of needed projects for Horizon and its many clients.

Paul enjoys golf and fitness, and he spends much of his time playing with his grandchildren and analyzing the stock market.

Caitlyn Phillips serves as a Policy Intern with Horizon Professional Services, LLC, working specifically with our rural health associations.

Adam Berry serves as a Policy Intern with Horizon Professional Services, LLC, working specifically with our rural health associations.