How Does It Work?

So how are we able to do so much for such an affordable price?  We leverage our resources and are extremely efficient with time.  We are a team of multi-taskers, and we can work on multiple projects at once while keeping a keen eye on detail.

Most full time staff are dedicated to one or two projects or tasks at a time, with a large amount of down-time in between. We eliminate the down-time and dedicate all of our daily working hours to our many clients.  Further, we are able to reduce overhead expenses significantly by working for multiple organizations.  So instead of paying rent, telephone, utilities, etc., you simply pay a low, flat rate to us and we cover all of this cost plus our own labor.

How Much Time is Dedicated?

This vastly changes depending on the time of year and the activities that you conduct. Plus, it depends on your specific needs and the size contract that we negotiate with you. We estimate that the average organization needs at least 10-15 hours per week of actual work time to not just meet its needs, but to actually grow.  This is the baseline that we use for our staff, but some organizations need less and some need more.  We will discuss your specific needs ahead of time to determine how much time you need.

Can You Really Have the Dedication of a Full-Time Staff?

There are always inherit limitations to not having a dedicated full-time staff.  Unless you request otherwise, you will generally not have a physical body behind a desk in a certain office (although we do this for select clients).  However, we are your staff and no one should see the difference.  We do not advertise that your organization is “managed by…” or show indifference to your cause.  We embed ourselves in the mission and goals of our clients and do all that we can do be an expert in your field.  We have never had a client tell us that they feel neglected.  On the other hand, all of our clients are amazed that we are able to provide the attention and proactive support that we do.  It’s our philosophy that we will never take on a client that will spread our staff “too thin” for that client and/or any others.

Do You Take On Any Client?

No.  We are selective on what clients we serve for both time constraints, logistical efficiency, and moral and ethical conflicts.  We will generally not work for two competing clients or for one whose goals or moral attitudes either conflict with those of our other clients or of our staff.  We believe in our clients and actually want to work for you.  If we don’t believe in your mission or don’t think that we can properly meet the needs that you have, we will kindly pass on the opportunity.  If we believe that we can serve you with the quality that we demand of ourselves, we will be happy to work with you.

Where Are Your Clients Located?

We have clients throughout the United States.  Although most are located in the State of Mississippi, we serve clients in a variety of sectors across the nation.

What’s the Cost?

Pricing is specialized depending on the size and scope of need of your organization. View more details on our Contracts and Pricing page or contact us to learn more.