Horizon Professional Services brings together experienced and dedicated staff to provide charities and non-profit organizations with the leadership and services that they need to be successful.  We don’t just work with small organizations, we specialize in growing their reach and making them successful!

We provide direct contract staffing needs, association management, marketing and media services, fundraising services, strategic planning, general business consulting, sales staffing, website building, and many other services. There are many consultants that provide guidance and advise. Others provide only back-end bookkeeping.  What sets us apart is that we will actually provide you with the manpower that you need at an affordable cost in order to ensure that your organization reaches is maximum potential.  We dedicate ourselves to your mission and what you believe in.

We don’t want to just be another hired contractor.  We want to be your partner!

We handle all types of projects and contracts, from providing staff service support project based needs to a complete management of your non-profit or small business.  Best of all, our services are highly affordable for any small organization and are completely customized to your needs.

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